Hyperextension Brace

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  • Stable compression fractures below T6 not due to osteoporosis
  • Immobilization after surgical stabilization of thoracolumbar fractures
  • Immobilization after herniated intervertebra disc(HIVD) surgery


  • Restrict forward flexion against anterior vertebral instability
  • Rigid frame restricts side-bending movement


  • Height and width adjustable uprights
  • Moveable pelvic bar for better comfort while sitting

 S / M  / L / XL 

Size Pelvic  in(cm) Length in(cm)
S 23.62'-29.53'(60-75cm) 15.35'-18.11'(39-46cm)
M 29.53'-35.43'(75-90cm) 16.54'-19.29'(42-49cm)
L 35.43'-41.34'(90-105cm) 17.72'-20.47'(45-52cm)
XL 41.34'-45.28'(105-115cm) 19.29'-22.05'(49-56cm)

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