ROM Post Op Knee Brace

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● Post-operative immobilization

● Rang of motion control for stabilization

● Status post collateral and/or cruciate ligaments OP


● Tool-free length-adjustable collateral bars prevent valgus and varus deformity

● Newly designed telescoping adjustable ROM hinges with super wide range setting

● Extension limitation from 0°~60°.

   Flexion limitation from 0°~120°.

   Immobilization fixation from 0°~45°. Adjustable in every 15°

● Simply rotate and press lock setting

● Easily apply on and take off by side buckles

● Length adjustable from 19” to 24”

Size: Universal
post op knee brace size


Thigh Sizing Guide Measure 15cm (6”) above the medial condylar plateau.

Thigh Circumference

Maximum up to 27” (70cm)


Calf Sizing Guide Measure 15cm (6”) below the medial condylar plateau.

Calf Brace

Maximum up to 19” (48cm)

Leg Length

Approximate 19”-27” (48-70cm)


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