Adjustable Cervical Neck Collar Postoperative Neck Brace Support

Adjustable Cervical Neck Collar, Cervical Neck Collar, Neck Brace Support, Postoperative Neck Support -

Adjustable Cervical Neck Collar Postoperative Neck Brace Support

Introducing Komzer  Adjustable Cervical Neck Collar, a Neck Brace Support designed to provide Pain Relief, Cervical Spine Alignment, and Postoperative Neck Support for individuals dealing with a range of cervical spine conditions. This Cervical Neck Collar offers a stable and comfortable solution for cervical injuries, muscle strain, or post-operative recovery. Here are some key features and additional details about this product:

Stable Support Design:

  • The ergonomic design of this Adjustable Cervical Neck Collar fully guarantees stability and support.
  • It features a 360° sponge wrap support system that evenly distributes pressure across the collar.
  • This design minimizes pressure points on key areas such as the chin, occiput (back of the head), trapezius (shoulder muscles), and clavicle (collarbone), enhancing patient comfort.


Applicable Symptoms:

  • This Neck Brace Support is suitable for a range of conditions, including cervical fracture spine fixation.
  • It is also recommended for Neck Stabilization following cervical spondylosis surgery.
  • Other conditions such as cervical spondylosis and cervical muscle strain can benefit from the collar's prevention and adjuvant treatment support.

Adjustable Design:

  • The Adjustable Cervical Neck Collar features adjustable components to accommodate different individuals.
  • Six height options for the front screws allow for customization.
  • A turntable mechanism at the back of the collar enables users to adjust the tightness, ensuring a proper fit for various neck sizes.

Comfort and Durability:

  • Crafted with high-quality materials, this Neck Brace Support is both exquisite and durable.
  • A nylon Velcro strap ensures easy and secure wear.
  • The inner lining consists of a skin-friendly and breathable sponge pad, providing a comfortable cushioning effect.

Easy to Clean:

  • The collar is designed for easy maintenance with a detachable design.
  • To clean, simply hand wash with water at 30°C (86°F).
  • Avoid machine washing, bleaching, and tumble drying to preserve the collar's quality and longevity.


Komzer  Adjustable Cervical Neck Collar is a reliable solution for individuals seeking effective Neck Brace Support, Pain Relief, Cervical Spine Alignment, and Postoperative Neck Support. Whether you are recovering from surgery or managing cervical spine conditions, this collar's adjustable design and comfort-focused features make it an excellent choice. Experience the benefits of stable support and cervical spine alignment with Komzer quality neck brace.