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Orthosis for Spinal Hyperextension, orthosis for spinal support, Orthosis with Swivel Sternal Pads -

orthosis terminology for spinal support The terms "Orthosis for Spinal Hyperextension," "Spinal Support for Posture Correction," and "Cruciform Back Brace for Rehabilitation" among others, are all descriptive of different types of spinal orthoses. However, it's difficult to determine the most frequently used terms without specific data on usage patterns. In the context of spinal orthoses, terms such as "Cervical Orthoses (CO)," "Lumbosacral Orthoses (LSO)," and "Thoraco-Lumbosacral Orthoses (TLSO)" are commonly referenced in clinical settings. These terms are associated with the support and correction of various spinal conditions and are likely to be well-known among patients and healthcare providers in the...

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